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As a marketing design specialist at Primitives by Kathy, I worked to coordinate monthly sales with our showroom sales team and implement marketing packages to promote sales. These packages became more robust as I spent more time in the position. Currently, the average month would consist of postcard, eblast, web graphic, sales signage, and main signage. Some months, like our grand reopening month after COVID-19, require more collateral due to the circumstances.

Our postcards were included on a full press sheet, which was sent to be printed by a local printing company, who I worked very closely with to see all projects through. All other print collateral was printed in-house on various printers, depending on each piece. The web graphic was sent to the web team to upload, and our eblast was sent off to an external company who sent all of our eblasts.

Organization and communication were both very important to get these packages done on time and in an appropriate manner. It was important to coordinate with the sales team to ensure a well-planned and well executed sale. It was also important to have these pieces of collateral reviewed by multiple other teams, as the information effects a wide range of employees.

All marketing collateral was carefully reviewed by multiple tiers of management and final revisions and approvals were given by Kathy.

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