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There is an old saying used between fisherman, “you must have fished on Kraken”. The story behind this saying goes that the Kraken, an incredibly large, mythical sea monster, was actually searched for by fisherman. The fisherman would seek it out because fish were attracted to the sea monster’s scent. In other words, wherever the Kraken was found, a hefty bounty of fish was bound to be found as well.

The packaging portion of this project includes bottle labels, neck labels, bottle caps, and 6-pack design for the Kraken’s Bounty beer.

To begin this project, it was key to decide upon a new beer to add to Victory’s collection first. I started by researching the beers that they already offered, and decided upon one that would be new and unique to their already established collection. Once the flavor was chosen, deciding upon an appropriate name and concept for the beer was next. Once again, the name and concept had to be something that would expand upon the unique collection of beer that Victory already offered. From this point on, the research and preparation that went in to the final product was a large number of sketches, research, reference shots, and inspiration from other beer bottles, and properly executing illustrations, typography and basic layout to create a successful and cohesive finished product.

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